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A small selection of our products are sometimes available for pre-order.

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How to Install Eagles Canyon Raceway for Assetto Corsa

  1. Click here to download and install the assetto corsa content manager (This app bypasses the normal assetto corsa menu screen); 
  2. You'll need to update the content manager (Will prompt you to update in the top right of the window - an icon left of the minimize icon).
  3. Once the update is complete, click settings, click custom shaders patch menu. Install custom shaders patch. Update to latest untested 1.1.79+ version, from the right column under available versions.
  4. The track file will now load correctly. Download it here;
  5. Click here to download the Latest version of track file (v0.31);
  6. Extract and save the track to the following folder (Please see the image below - from within the disk drive assetto corsa is installed on);
  7. Click here to Link to the server; (You'll need the ultimate edition of assetto corsa to join - comes with lots of extra cars)
  8. When you click the server link the content manager app will open; add the server to favourites at the bottom of the window that's popped up.