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LOCATED IN DALLAS, TEXAS USA|FREE SHIPPING on orders over $299 - No promo code needed
LOCATED IN DALLAS, TEXAS USA|FREE SHIPPING on orders over $299 - No promo code needed
Simagic P1000 Modular Pedal Set

P1000 Modular Pedal Set

Featuring a brand new optimized design, eliminating complicated installation procedures
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Simagic Bundle


Alpha Mini Bundles|Alpha Bundles|Alpha Ultimate Bundles
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Simagic Alpha 15nm Wheel Base

Alpha: Flagship Direct Drive Wheel Base

Comes with 15Nm of torque, delivered by a Servo Motor
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GTS: A Wheel for Any Motorsport

GTS: A Wheel for Any Motorsport

Rally, Track, Drift, Formula, Truck, & more!
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Our Happy Customers

Was looking for the next level of pace. My sim gear was okay, but the belt-drive wheel hub and basic pedals didn’t provide realistic feedback to help me feel where the limit was. Wyatt analyzed my sim driving. He then recommended the gear which could most help me and was within my budget. He recommended the Simagic Alpha Direct Drive; he setup the wheel and made sure I was happy with it. This is above and beyond, and it was super helpful. It’s comforting to know Wyatt is there to answer questions. And his answers will be correct. This saves time and race results. Highest recommendation.


Simshop has tremendous knowledge and expertise around auto racing in general - They specialize in developing world class racing simulators at realistic prices. I’ve owned my sim for 16 months, Simshop supports all my technical needs in a timely manner virtually and comes directly to my home to install upgrades to my system as they become available. My car control and racecraft skills have improved significantly from the practice I put in on my sim. I highly recommend Simshop to be your go to for all things racing sim!


After upgrading from Heusinkveld sprints to Simagic P2000R pedals, my driving confidence on the sim has improved dramatically. I’ve gained over 1000+ iRating in the last 6 weeks and won my first iRacing Road to Pro Oval race in February. Simshop helped me dial in my Alpha wheel base settings and it feels very immersive.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Simshop for their active involvement in my racing. Given my busy schedule, seat time can be difficult to come by. Simshop has certainly helped me overcome this and achieve more than I ever thought possible in a real car.


Practicing on my sim has allowed me to improve my real life lap times on track more than I ever thought possible. Not only is it a necessary tool for training, it's a ton of fun!


I have recently upgraded to a new simulator from Simshop and my experience has completely transformed. I am now feeling much more in control of the car. The difference with a properly configured sim is dramatic.